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Blueprinting for Learning Experience Design

Started Dec 14, 2020


Full course description

Using the Project Blueprint Tool, this micro-course demonstrates how the concepts of design thinking can be interwoven into managing the development of a learning experience. The course guides learners through ideas such as planning, identifying the challenge ahead, choosing your team and tracking your budget. Along the way learners are provided with activities to add to their toolkits and project plan templates to have tangible takeaways from the course. The option to submit their own project blueprints is embedded in the course as well as a final assessment to earn a badge.


Who should take this course?

Instructors, instructional designers, curriculum developers, learning experience designers, etc. 


Completion Criteria

  • Complete all required readings/videos in the course
  • Follow along with the completion of a scenario in a blueprinting template
  • Complete a summative quiz with a score of 100%

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