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Introduction to Competency Based Education is a Course

Introduction to Competency Based Education

Started Oct 26, 2020


Full course description

This course offers an introduction to Competency-Based Education (CBE) and the features of a CBE program. You'll learn when a competency-based approach is most appropriate, and when it might not be suitable. This will help you assess the readiness of your own program to be adapted or designed using a CBE approach.

Who should take this course?

Instructors, Teachers, Learning Experience Designers, Curriculum Developers, Instructional Designers


Articulate the elements of a competency-based education program

Key Concepts:

You'll learn about the following key concepts in this course:
  • Competency-Based Education
  • Differences between Competency-Based Education and other types of programming
  • Benefits of Competency-Based Education
  • Appropriate learning experiences for Competency-Based Education
  • Drawbacks of Competency-Based Education


So, if you take this course, what will you be able to do by the end of it?
  • Differentiate between a competency and an outcome
  • Assess a program for CBE readiness and applicability.



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