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Introduction to Course Design is a Course

Introduction to Course Design

Started Oct 26, 2020


Full course description

This course explores one of our favourite tools for course design - the Curriculum Alignment Framework (or, as we lovingly call it, a CAF). A CAF is a simple process educators can use to make meaningful course design decisions that align outcomes with instructional strategies and assessment. Based on Stiel & Lewchuck's (2012) work, this tool should be the starting point for any learning experience design project.

We'll guide you through each CAF section, providing background information and useful examples to illustrate how to effectively complete your framework regardless of your specific context. Not only will this course help you fill in a CAF, it will also encourage you to think about your teaching or facilitating style, identify areas for improvement or adaptation, and emphasize best teaching practices. You'll earn a badge for this course by completing a one-page CAF, including outcomes, assessments, concepts and skills, and teaching strategies for a learning experience you are designing or wish to design for your particular context.


Who should take this course?

Instructors, Teachers, Learning Experience Designers, Curriculum Developers, Instructional Designers


Completion criteria:

  • Review information in the "Introduction to Course Design" Module
  • Submit Completed Curriculum Alignment Framework
  • Complete "Introduction to Course Design" module

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